How to Create a Mood board for a Photoshoot

So this is the first post of Studio Lunapop! I wanted to give you some tips on how to create a mood board for your photoshoot to help keep you on track and focussed.

Ever had that moment in a photoshoot where you've run out of inspiration? Or maybe you just thought it would be an easy one so you winged it? Didn't you just wish you had a mood board you could pull up to inject some ideas and fresh energy!

A mood board is a collection of images for reference on your shoot. You can use it to help plan your shoot from concept, style, posing ideas, make up etc. The overall VIBE of what you want to achieve.

It is a great tool for yourself, your creative team and your client. So that everyone understands visually what the end goal is.

Key things to reference:

  • Inspirational images

  • Posing references

  • Lighting & Set design ideas

  • Make up & Hair styles

  • Styling

You could either put these together on one mood board or have a mini mood board for each section. By identifying all of these factors of the shoot you will be really helping your team to all be working towards the same vision.

I would recommend using Pinterest to build your mood boards and then you can also share this via email with your team. Here is my own Nisha Jayne Pinterest where I am consistently adding to my boards whether I have an upcoming shoot or for my own personal work.

Definitely on the day of the shoot it always help to have a physical copy so I would recommend preparing your mood board for print! Here at the studio we have some cork boards that you can pin your mood board to so you and your team can easily view it throughout the shoot.

A mood board is something that you can use as your base and build upon to let it help you be more creative!